Presetism - Time and Space in the long now

Brian Eno

dal 20/02/2009 al 15/03/2009

Brian Eno was the first artist to conceive music for unconventional spaces, immersing the visitor in a specific context and at the same time keeping to one same link between mind, body and tools. The step taken by Luigi Russolo has broken down the boundaries between music and noise; then the music of materials were treated as "objects" to be put back together as a manifestation of nature and culture. The confusion between man and machine, important for the Futurists, led to confusion between traditional and digital technologies. In "Presentism" , Eno's also shows, the future of Futurism, calling into question the categories of knowledge, history and science. It shows the spatial and temporal relativity universe of sound around us. The exhibition looks more like an installation of sounds and visions, crossing and breaking down the beams of light across the global experience of man.