Jean-Michel Basquiat. Fantasmi da scacciare

dal 02/10/2008 al 01/02/2009

The Fondazione Memmo and Fundación Marcelino Botín of Santander organize an exhibition of Basquiat, the artist who triumphed in New York thanks to Andy Warhol. The exhibition will present to the public more than 40 works from Europe and the US, mainly focused on the vision that the artist has of the human body. The vision that the artist has deconstructed reality is characterized by the transformation of the body into an idea, a trace of a ghostly presence that is transmitted through the physical energy. The image of the "body" is initially presented as the artist himself, under various guises; then it can be understood as "scenic body", the so-called "graffiti". The presence of creature similar to zombies and written remains, say the situation of Basquiat in trying to overcome the transience of life. The exhibition will be accompanied by a fully illustrated catalog with essays by Olivier Berggruen and Francesco Pellizzi.

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