Capolavori che ritornano

dal 28/02/2008 al 15/06/2008

One hundred and fifty works of the great masters of the collections of the Banca Popolare di Vicenza Group will be presented at the seat of the Memmo Foundation in Palazzo Ruspoli. "Masterpieces return" wants to reconstruct the mosaic of artistic currents, the influences of artists, and Venetian painting of fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. In the exhibition is exposed Tintoretto with the "Ritratto di gentiluomo con cappa bordata di ermellino", Mantegna with the "la Madonna col Bambino" as well as important works of Francesco Maffei. In the exhibition there is also the beautiful Madonna di Filippo Lippi, important painter of the Italian Renaissance. The paintings in the exhibition are arranged by the school and dating; The heart of the exhibition will consist in th preparation if a virtual picture gallery, about the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The exhibition concludes with works of the nineteenth and twentieth century, particularly fine and notoriety with works of Bartolini and many students of Canova.