Paul Klee

La collezione Berggruen

dal 13/10/2006 al 07/01/2007

The German painter Paul Klee is one of the most important twentieth-century artists. He studied in Monaco of Bavaria and has traveled in Italy before returning to Bern where he spent a period of isolation, studying the art of Kandinsky, the painters associated with the Der Blaue Reiter and Cubism. Following a trip to Tunisia in 1914, Klee developed his style format mainly of abstract forms. In 1920 he joined the faculty of the Bauhaus where began the most prolific years of his career. During the war he sheltered first in Switzerland and then in Berlin, and at the end of the war he moved to Paris and worked for UNESCO. One of the most famous collectors of Paul Klee is certainly Heinz Berggruen, who donated 13 works at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and 90 at the Metropolitan Museum in New York and others at the Museum Berggruen in Berlin. The current exhibition will gather the jobs of various museums around the world; all periods of his art will be in the exhibition, with special regard to the period of the Bauhaus. The exhibition will be curated by Olivier Berggruen, younger brother of Heinz.


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