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Fasto principesco

La corte di Dresda 1580-1620

dal 02/03/2005 al 25/04/2005

On the occasion of the works of redevelopment of the Historisches Grünes Gewölbe, two hundred of masterpieces of ancient and modern sculpture, jewelery and applied arts will be exhibited in Rome at Fondazione Memmo in Palazzo Ruspoli, which reconstructs the atmosphere of the Dresden court. By Kunstakammer, this is the most unusual aspect of the exhibition, the room of wonders, where, in mysterious shelves and drawers were collected by Prince Augustus of Saxony items that most fascinated him: many pieces of ivory, objects from the Orient, jewelry. They were part of this collection also ancient cameos and coins and figurines offered in 1587 by the Grand Duke of Tuscany, the latter are in the exhibition. Since last September the famous Dresden Castle Grünes Gewölbe it has reopened to the public with its most precious treasures.