Willem de Kooning L'onda circa 1942-1944.jpg,Roger de la Fresnaye Nudo 1911.jpg,Pablo Picasso Uomo seduto con pipa 1916.jpg,Pablo Picasso Donna con cappello 17 Luglio 1934.jpg,Fernand L├ęger Donna e bambino 1921.jpg,Alexeij Jawlenskij Testa sognatrice 1916.jpg

Picasso e la sua epoca

Donazioni a Musei Americani

dal 30/10/2004 al 23/01/2005

The exhibition at the Fondazione Memmo, presents about 40 paintings by Picasso that trace the artistic complex journey of the teacher from Cubism to Surrealism and at the same time the role of its vast production and the impact he had with the North American avant-garde artists . One of the most important paintings "Nudo di donna di Picasso" of 1910 is a work mysterious and fascinating; Another painting "Donna con il cappello" of 1934, both paintings were purchased by collectors mostly American. The paintings on display are examples of brilliant acquisitions, but also a symbol of the extraordinary generosity of the American collectors; Every American city has at least one museum of contemporary art, the United States considers the artistic and cultural supremacy of considerable benefit to the overall image of the country and support patronage.

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