Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn Giovane domestica (Ragazza alla finestra).jpg,Peter Paul Rubens e aiuti Jan Brueghel il Giovane Le tre grazie con un cesto di rose.jpg,Justus van Egmont La Regina Cristina nelle vesti di Minerva.jpg,Jacob Ferdinand Voet Ritratto di Cristina Regina di Svezia.jpg,David Beck Ritratto della Regina Cristina.jpg,Cerchia di Jacob Heinreich Elbfas Ritratto della Regina Cristina da bambina.jpg,attribuito a David Klocker Ehrenstrahl Gustavo II Adolfo re di Svezia.jpg

Cristina di Svezia

Le collezioni reali

dal 31/10/2003 al 15/01/2004

The exhibition is the first Italian exhibition dedicated to Sweden, its ruling dynasties and its rich collections. Through a collection of about one hundred and fifty objects it will be possible to follow the evolution and the history and taste of the Scandinavian country. The most significant figures in the history of Sweden are the two sovereigns that open and close this time: the Queen Cristina and the King Gustavo III. Christina of Sweden was a strong and decisive ruler, he converted to Catholicism and lived in Rome living with his passionate nature to art and culture. The young Cristina called to the palace the great scholars of the time with whom he entertained in learned conversation. At eighteen years Cristina was crowned queen, and this event is the theme of the most beautiful section of the exhibition is in fact the carriage with which it was carried to the royal palace. The next section is devoted to paintings and works from the private collection of the Queen; with his departure he will happen to the throne Charles X Gustav. The Swedish history is punctuated by a succession of kings and their rich collections.