Diego Rodriguez Velázquez Testa di Apostolo (1619-1620 circa).jpg,Diego Rodriguez Velázquez Santa Rufina (1628-1632 circa).jpg,Diego Rodriguez Velázquez Ritratto del conte duca de Olivares.jpg,Diego Rodriguez Velázquez Ritratto del cavaliere di San Giacomo (1652).jpg,Diego Rodriguez Velázquez Marte (1642).jpg,Diego Rodriguez Velázquez Le lacrime di San Pietro.jpg,Diego Rodriguez Velázquez La cucitrice (1638-1650 circa).jpg,Diego Rodriguez Velázquez L'apostolo San Paolo (1620 circa).jpg,Diego Rodriguez Velázquez Juan Mateos (1632 circa).jpg,Diego Rodriguez Velázquez Cavallo bianco (1634-1638).jpg,Diego Rodriguez Velázquez Autoritratto (1650 circa).jpg,Bottega o copia di Velázquez.jpg,Attribuito a Diego Rodriguez Velázquez Ritratto del Cardinale Gaspare Borgia.jpg


Il suo terzo viaggio in Italia

dal 30/03/2001 al 01/07/2001

The "Velazquez" exhibition will be held at Palazzo Ruspoli rooms at the Fondazione Memmo. Rome was the third city in importance, after Madrid and Seville, in the history of  Velazquez; Here he lived twice, loved her very much and here came the great Italian art of the Renaissance. Velazquez went to Italy twice, the first was considered to be one of those trips studies considered essential for the formation of the young artist, the second he did that because he was sent by Philip IV to make a selection of works of art for decoration Royal Palace in Madrid. The Palazzo Ruspoli exhibition project aims to give a general picture the artist following him during his life and allowing visitors to appreciate the evolution of the way of painting of Velazquez and the changes in technique and style.


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