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Cleopatra - Regina d'Egitto

dal 12/10/2000 al 25/02/2001

Cleopatra grew up and was educated in Alexandria, the city that was famous for the beauty of its urban and monumental structure. In this exhibition the visitor, through a repertoire of works of art, can immerse himselve in the culture of the Egyptian capital that formed the future queen. The great Ptolemaic dynasty, which Cleopatra was the last queen, is triumphantly represented through images of kings and queens who succeeded to the throne of Egypt. With the relationship that Cleopatra had with Marco Antonio Egyptian art and culture of the Pharaohs also arrived in Italy, a real egyptiation swept the Roman world. Obelisks, pharaonic statues, sphinxes, and reliefs were brought to Rome to decorate religious and secular places places. 

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