Nel paese della Regina di Saba

dal 06/04/2000 al 30/06/2000

In the exhibition space of Palazzo Ruspoli stables will be an architectural section and photography related to the pre-Islamic Yemen, witnesses of the ancient history of South Arabian civilization. It will also present a series of initiatives that will help to provide visitors with a complete picture of the characteristics of this country, its history and its culture. The monuments, the architecture and the archaeological treasures of Yemen are classified by UNESCO "World Heritage". Unfortunately today the cultural heritage of Yemen is in grave danger because of wars and poverty of the territory; even with the help of UNESCO and other countries about 30% of the assets has been destroyed by vandals traffickers. And it is precisely for this reason that the demonstration about Yemen will become an opportunity to launch once and for all an appeal to the world to save all of this region and the incredible heritage that.