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Bagliori del Medioevo

Arte romanica e gotica dal Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya

dal 30/10/1999 al 28/02/2000

The most beautiful medieval Catalan art treasure will be exhibited at the Fondazione Memmo of Palazzo Ruspoli. Almost a thousand years ago in many regions of Europe flourished new and original architecture and sculptures of a new style called "Romanesque" that goes back much to the Carolingian and Byzantine models. Famous is the wall and wood painting of Catalonia and which is inspired by Italian models and is characterized by geometric stylization. One of the most beautiful wooden structures of the collection is the "Madonna of Ger"; from Northern France is the architecture of the great Gothic cathedrals, spiritual expressions of the past anything but obscure. Catalonia takes a synthesis of various artistic currents due to the presence of many foreign artists in a historic period of economic prosperity and cultural renaissance. These masterpieces of Catalan will be staged by Pier Luigi Pizzi who thinks to evoke the mystic atmosphere of the Romanesque and Gothic cathedrals.