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Via Appia

Sulle rovine della magnificenza antica

dal 05/02/1997 al 29/06/1997

 The exhibition is about Roman Appia and Puglia Appia and is an invitation to consider this street as a unique archaeological monument that crosses the whole of southern Italy. In the first section there are, in the halls of Palazzo Ruspoli on the first floor, some sculptures from the tombs and sculptures that adorned the great imperial residences. In the exhibition was reconstructed a “colombaro”, a special type of tomb which is difficult to visit. The second section is dedicated to Puglia Appia whose story is introduced by the presentation of the fifth satire of Horace which tells of the journey that Horace himself made along the Ancient Appia. There are a number of pieces, found mainly in the port of Brindisi, that attest the frequent trades of Ancient Rome. In the show are featured, for the first time, the designs that the Roman painter Carlo Labruzzi made along the Via Appia in the late eighteenth century.


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