Fayum - Misteriosi volti dall'Egitto

In collaboration with British Museum, London

dal 22/09/1997 al 29/04/1998

Thanks to a collaboration between the Fondazione Memmo and the British Museum in London is presented, at the Palazzo Ruspoli, an exhibition which displays the most important portraits of the ancient Egyptian mummies. In the exhibition there are about two hundred faces depicting men, women and children executed with different painting methods, there are also the most beautiful funerary objects from the most beautiful tombs. The discovery of these mummies began in the seventeenth century with the Italian traveler Pietro della Valle, who visiting the town of Saqqura and he found the first mummies with a painting portrait; but only at the end of the nineteenth century excavations in a more scientific manner enabled to study the tables as historical documents. The images appear as a complete adherence to the Roman fashion, the clothes, the hairstyles and the jewelry. Many of these panels have been found in archaeological excavations in the oasis of Fayum, hence the name by which are known, but also come from the Nile Valley and Thebes.