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Alla scoperta del barocco italiano

La collezione Denis Mahon

dal 01/10/1998 al 02/05/1999

One of the most important historians of art collectors from the UK was Sir Denis Mahon. His interests were located mainly in the field of Bolognese painting of the seventeenth century and especially in the work of Guercino. In 1934 he bought in Paris the first work of the painter; from there he began to buy the works of the Italian masters of the seventeenth century. Its collection includes paintings such as "Il ratto d’Europa" by Guido Reni, or "la Madonna del passero" by Guercino. Thirty drawings and other paintings from the collection come to Rome to be exhibited at the Fondazione Memmo; among the masterpieces we find one of the finest paintings by Domenichino "passaggio con città fortificata”. The collection also ten "models" by Luca Giordano, considered among the most significant works of the Neapolitan painter, and other paintings by Pietro da Cortona, Francesco Albani and the Carracci. The private collection of Sir Mahon will pass by inheritance to large public institutions including the National Gallery in London, Dublin and Edinburgh.