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Alessandro Magno: storia e mito

dal 05/12/1995 al 21/06/1996

It’s the first time that so many works of art from 40 museums, collections and libraries, are presented all together to tell one of the greatest figures in history.

In 1977 the archaeologist Andronicos, discovered a tomb in the necropolis of Vergina containing King's Parade weapons and many artifacts. Just this discovery marks the beginning of the first section of the exhibition; among the most beautiful and spectacular masterpieces brought to Palazzo Ruspoli is a floor mosaic from Pella, it is a piece of considerable size situated in one of the most important rooms of the Palazzo Ruspoli. Many other works are featured in the exhibition as thumbnails, fabrics, furniture; the aim of this exhibition is to trace the path of the ancient Macedonians with their nomadic life until the period of Alexander the Great who spread Greek culture to the shores of India.


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