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Lucian Freud

dal 04/10/1991 al 17/11/1991

The Fondazione Memmo inaugurates the first anthology exhibition at Palazzo Ruspoli dedicated to Lucian Freud. Realized together with the British Council, the exhibition includes 47 paintings and other drawings that document the artist’s career from the 40s to today. Born in Berlin in 1922, Freud in 1933 settled in England, and only after the end of the Second World War he went many times in France and Italy. His early work is a game of balance between nature and history: on one side his feeling of reality, on the other side his interest in the museum. This is documented in the exhibition by paintings such as “The painter’s rum” of 1943 and “Man with father” of 1943. At the end of the 50s Freud decides to abandon the drawing and devote himself to painting. Going forward in the years Freud is dedicated not only to the portrait but also to the representation of the entire human figure often represented naked as “Night portrait” of 1977 or “Naked portrait II” of 1980. It’s important to say that in the 60s the artists studied a lot the indecent drawings by Pontormo.