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La Collezione Boncompagni Ludovisi

dal 05/12/1992 al 30/04/1993

The exhibition was inaugurated in the rooms of Palazzo Ruspoli, it presents some of the most extraordinary pieces of Boncompagni Ludovisi collection. In the exhibition there is a path which will focus on the luck of the collection with the exhibition of drawings, paintings and minor arts. In addition to the 25 masterpieces of the collection are other works of art from Windsor, and other European museums. Between 1621 and 1623, Cardinal Ludovico Ludovisi began to pick up the pieces for the collection that became one of the most important collections of ancient art. After his death the assets passed to his brother Niccolò; his son began the dispersion of the collection, which included besides the sculpture also paintings of great value. In 1800s the Collection was bought by the Papal States, while at the beginning of the 1900s the heirs of the family decided to sell the collection. The sculptures were transferred to the National Museum of Rome and placed in the small cloister which has since taken the name of Ludovisi cloister.