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Mino Maccari

Promossa dalla Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio della Provincia di Macerata Banca C

dal 07/10/1993 al 28/10/1993

Maccari was an Italian painter who used the drawing to fully grasp the novelty and complexity of the concerns that run through the twentieth century. In his works he goes back to the very nineteenth-century painting simulating the perfection of reality, mixing real people with animated models. Maccari doesn’t work without the human presence to express the nature of the feelings that move and working with very warm colors. He studies the different views of an object that intends to portray that does not have a precise picture in mind; he refers to Matisse and Cezanne above all for the simplification that the latter give the object, the shape. He watched carefully Caravaggio and Goya, and he is convinced that reality can be enigmatic, dark. The light of his works calls a schematic landscape, as the work was completed en plein air, accentuates the design with no shades and shadows.