Plinio Nomellini - Prime Letture 1916.jpg,Mario Puccini - Pappagallo - 1907-08.jpg,Lorenzo Viani - La moglie del marinaio - 1912-15.jpg,Angelo Torchi - Impressione di un mercato o Giorno di mercato a Massa Lombarda - 1980.jpg

I Postmacchiaioli

dal 03/12/1993 al 28/02/1994

The main characters of this pictorial current welcome in their painting the international naturalism that from Paris was giving bad examples to national schools across Europe. Fattori continued to follow his idea to enter volumes within a visible dynamic space. But the term "post-Macchiaioli" denotes all those painters who while referring to macchiaioli were able to renew the way you see the artwork. One of the first painters was Ulvi Liegi, his art was covered by a stately and elegant stretch, never banal or superficial. Its elegance stood in the wisdom of delicately juxtaposed chromatic palette and in careful research on the color itself. Another important painter Silvestro Lega was that initially was inserted in purist tradition, but after the military experience in 1848 began to prefer subjects from military life, is distinct from other macchiaioli for his calm manner. Were part of this current also a group of young artists born in Livorno, at the school of Guglielmo Micheli, one of the best students of Fattori.