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Nefertari: luce d'Egitto

dal 06/10/1994 al 05/06/1995

The exhibition organized by The Getty Conservation Institute and  Fondazione Memmo celebrates a double event: the discovery of the tomb of Nefertari, in the Valley of the Queens and the conclusion of the conservation work of its wall paintings. The exhibition will illustrate the splendor of the reign of Nefertari and Ramsesse II, with the help of modern technology visitors can virtually enter in the tomb of the queen. In the exhibition will be exposed 130 works including the finds of grave goods from the Louvre, the British Museum and the Egyptian Museum of Turin. In the exhibition, the visitor will also find documentation of the various phases of the conservation work, which lasted six years, and explanations on the various methods of construction of the tombs. This exhibition will allow the visitor to determine the incredible richness of Egyptian culture and civilization , also admiring the work of the ancient builders and the skill of the modern builders.