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L'Altare di Pergamo: il Fregio di Telefo

dal 05/10/1996 al 15/01/1997

The exhibition presents for the first time in Italy the marble sculptures of the second century B.C. from the Great Altar of Pergamon. The exposed pads are part of the monumental frieze that tells the story of the mythical hero Telephus; after the discovery of the altar all reliefs were transported to Berlin in 1901 and then exhibited at the Pergamon Museum in 1930. The exhibition, after stops in New York and San Francisco is in Rome, hosted by  Fondazione Memmo in  Palazzo Ruspoli; all exposed archaeological materials were found in Pergamum, and besides the Telefo reliefs in the exhibition there are also the fragments of the frieze of the Giants and the architecture of the altar. The altar was built to celebrate the victory over the Galatians, and as a thank you for extending the kingdom of Pergamum over much of Western Asia Minor; in the hall dedicated to attalide dynasty are exposed coins with effigies of kings Attalids and marble portraits of King Attalus.